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Friends of blue was formed over 40 years ago and offers an opportunity for beginners and experts alike to share their interest in printed pottery. We are always delighted to welcome new members to the group.

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The members only pages offer exclusive access to  resources  including Bulletin Archive, the FOB Occasional papers, Papers shared by other societies with FOB members, and coming soon – an updated gallery of teapots.  


Want to know who made what, when, where, why and how? Friends of Blue Bulletins are full of information, illustrations, and  questions, and answers. Join us and start getting your Friends of Blue Bulletin today.


Do you want to know more about transfer printed pottery? Come to our meetings, hear about the potters, see how printing is done, meet other collectors and have a chance to add to your collection.


full length illustrated article to view
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Francis Dillon & The Staffordshire Potteries

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The FOB binders are sturdy and long lasting and hold the Bulletins in place by spring-loaded, bonded nylon cords which not only allow easy reference but can be stretched sufficiently to facilitate the insertion or removal of copies.

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A new resource for researching
printed pottery

Recorder News Index

The President of FOB, Dick Henrywood, has just issued a very helpful index to the first 26 issues of his Recorder News.  You can find a copy on his website along with all the copies of  Recorder News – click here

A new book for lovers of
blue printed pottery

How was underglaze printing done in Staffordshire?

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