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Submitting Articles to the Bulletin

Do you have some new information to share with fellow members? Do you want to ask fellow members for their help?  The editor is always pleased to receive articles for consideration for the FOB Bulletin.

The following brief guidelines may help you.

  1. Length: Please try to keep articles short with a maximum of two pages
  2. Text: A full page of text is approximately 660 words.  Each square picture 82 x 82 cm reduces the word count by 120.
  3. Images:- These should be in high resolution. Photographs of object should be a maximum of 10Mb and a minimum of 500Kb, smaller images of marks or details may be acceptable by arrangement with the editor. Images may be supplied as jpegs or tiffs. They can be attached to an email or sent via dropbox or any similar file exchange system.

If you need help formulating your article, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 
You can contact us here.