About us

Friends of Blue was founded in 1973 to study under-glaze blue transfer-printed decoration on pottery.

The technique was first used in Britain on porcelain and was adapted for earthenware during the last two decades of the eighteenth century.  Most of the early patterns derive from designs on contemporary Chinese porcelain and many were very similar to what we know today as Willow Pattern. As time went on, however, and techniques improved and tastes changed, every kind of design imaginable was used, from stately homes to bowls of flowers, from historical scenes to ships at sea.

Today, these products of British potters sought after by collectors, not only in the UK, but also abroad, particularly in North America, to where large quantities of the wares were exported during the 19th century.

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Committee Members

President: Dick Henrywood

Chair & Treasurer: David Scriven

Membership Secretary: Katherine Slatcher

Bulletin Editor: Verity Hughes

Committee members:  Richard Halliday,   Pat Halfpenny

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