Plate made by Ralph Wedgwood, Staffordshire, with brown printed centre and edge, and greenish-blue printed border touched with blue and yellow underglaze colour, made about 1785

Jug made by William Adams & Sons, Staffordshire printed in red and green, the red prints showing a harvest scene, made about 1835-40

Plate made by Enoch Wood & Sons, printed in green and purple with a scene from their series titled Festoon Border, made about 1835-40

Plate  made by Davenport, Staffordshire, printed with a blue border and a centre in which green blue and black oils have been  used to create a coloured scene, which is one of several in the  series depicting romantic castles, made about 1836

Plate made by Enoch Wood & Sons, printed with red border from the Festoon Border series of designs, the centre printed with four seperate colours, blue, yellow, brown and black which combine in a naieve way to create a couloured landscape scene, made about 1835-40

Lidded pot made by T.J. & J. Mayer, Staffordshire, the lid printed with a  scene depicting the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace. The image created by the application of  multiple individual colour prints to produce a full coloured image, made 1851