Blue Printed Teapot Gallery

The teapots shown here are grouped into styles based on the classification introduced in The Anthology of British Teapots by Philip Miller & Michael Berthoud (1985).

The patterns are all alphabetically listed in the Index (see the link above) and viewers might find it easier to consult this Index first.

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1. Early Round Teapots



MAKER: Bovey Tracey (probably), PATTERN: Carnation (with Y border), BODY: Earthenware, DIMENSIONS:  l.21 cm. h.16cm.
REFS: FOB 121.7; Thomas p.85


MAKER: Minton, PATTERN: Table Top Mountain, BODY: Earthenware, DIMENSIONS: l.23 cm. h.12.5 cm.
REFS: Priestman p.64


MAKER: Dudson (probably), c.1805-10  PATTERN: Hunting with Cheetahs (one of the Hornblower patterns), BODY: Earthenware (Pearlware), DIMENSIONS: l.24 cm. h.15 cm.
REFS: FOB 115/4;  Dudson p. 42.


MAKER: Poss. Ferrybridge,          PATTERN: The Treaty of Amiens,(signed  27 March 1802)  BODY: Earthenware (Pearlware),
DIMENSIONS: l.19.5 cm h.16 cm.
REFS: M & B 414. Shows a similar shape and pattern in brown.


MAKER:  Poss. Ridgway, PATTERN: River Island Temple, BODY: Earthenware (Pearlware), DIMENSIONS: l. 22cm h. 16.3cm          
REFS: FOB.103/7
MARKS. OTHER FEATURES Unmarked,  Reeded body shape.